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IP Addresses and Cookies may collect identification information about users — IP address logging — to maintain a safe environment for all visitors. Details regarding site visits may also be monitored, which should include, but isn’t limited to, location data, browser fingerprints, system data, and other site resources accessed by you.

For affiliate sales, may use Avangate cookies. You can check out the Avangate privacy policy for more details regarding this global subscription billing platform.

To manage technical checkout sessions and track redirects or visits to vendor websites, may use technical cookies from Avangate . may use Histats cookies to determine traffic stats. Please read the privacy policy over at Histats for more information.

Cookie Functionality

Cookies give your browser — Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. — the ability to properly function on all Web pages without issues. They also help us track affiliate activity, since we receive commissions whenever you go to or purchase products on merchant sites.

Cookies, however, don’t share any personal user data with us, and we don’t use information acquired for identification purposes. Also, we never share data with third parties.

Deleting Cookies

Web browsers are, by default, configured to accept cookies on all websites. Change the privacy settings on your preferred browsing platform to determine how you want cookies to function while surfing the Internet.

If you want to disable cookies, please follow the links below corresponding to the Web browser of your choice. These pages provide detailed information on cookie-management. Remember, however, that once you turn off cookies in browsing platform, these settings apply automatically to all websites and not just, unless configured otherwise.

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In addition to these links, find out additional details on how browser cookies function by visiting and These websites also provide advice on how to manage any cookies that are stored on your desktop or mobile device.

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