Total Security 2018


Multi-platform security solution for all your devices



Protects All Your Devices

Bitdefender Total Security is a security solution unlike anything that you’ve ever seen; if you’ve a Mac, a Windows desktop, and an Android mobile device, you don’t have to buy separate security products for each platform since Bitdefender Total Security protects them all. With dedicated antivirus utilities for each operating system, complete with dozens of features to protect them against all sorts of imaginable threats, you can seamlessly work and link all your devices without worrying about potential malware infections.

Whether it’s protecting your device against zero-day threats, securing your data against online phishing attempts, or preventing ransomware infections on critical files and folders, Bitdefender Total Security lets you do that and a whole lot more.

Bitdefender Central

Bitdefender Total Security lets you install platform-specific versions of the product on up to five separate devices, though you can increase the threshold to ten products for a minor price hike. Due to the diverse nature of the product, installation is performed via the Bitdefender Central Web portal. Simply sign into Bitdefender Central with your user credentials on the device that you want to install Bitdefender Total Security on, and specify that you want to set it up.

Alternately, you can also opt to install the product on another device, which involves receiving a message containing a link that you can then use to download the product on your device of choice. All devices secured with Bitdefender Total Security are displayed via Bitdefender Central, allowing you to easily manage the licenses for your product.

Bitdefender on Windows

Bitdefender Total Security on Windows isn’t any different from the critically acclaimed Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Internet Security antivirus utilities -- if you were wondering, that’s a good thing. With the ability to protect you from both known and unknown forms of malware using a variety of live shields that include behavioral analysis and cloud-based scanning, Bitdefender Total Security’s detection rates are so good that it held the number one spot for five consecutive years when compared to other highly reputed antivirus solutions.

You also gain access to various manual scan modes such as Quick Scan and Vulnerability Scan, where the former lets you instantly search critical areas for hidden malware, while the latter focuses on any security issues related to outdated apps and operating system components.

When it comes to dealing with online-based threats, Bitdefender Total Security features a dedicated firewall that monitors all incoming and outgoing connections for any malicious data strains, allowing you to stay protect from applications that may transmits sensitive data without your permission.

In addition, you are also protected while surfing online, with Bitdefender Total Security actively blocking malicious and phishing websites, while also monitoring every link provided to you via search engines for dangerous content. All of the aforementioned features can be easily accomplished with zero impact to system performance thanks to Bitdefender Photon technology, which may quite possibly be the most optimized anti-malware engine ever devised for the Windows platform.

Bitdefender on Mac

On the Mac, Bitdefender Total Security functions similar to Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. While the features that you get aren’t as extensive as to what you get on the Windows Platform, it still gets the job done. In addition to the live shields that are automatically deployed upon installation, Bitdefender Total Security also presents multiple scan modes to search for hidden malware the way you want -- critical areas, specific locations, or the entire system.

When you are online, Bitdefender Total Security protects you against malicious websites and links with the use of the TrafficLight extension, which supports all major browsers on the OS X, actively blocking dangerous content from ever reaching your Mac. Further, protection against ransomware ensures that Time Machine Backups aren’t vulnerable in any way.

Bitdefender on Android

Bitdefender Total Security can be installed on both Android smartphones and tablets with practically no issues. With unprecedented protection against dangerous apps, Bitdefender Total Security features both on-demand and on-install scanning modes, allowing you to secure your device against both pre-existing and newer threats alike.

Since even legitimate apps can have certain security loopholes that malicious code can exploit, you also gain access to a separate Privacy Advisor featurette that provides in-depth analysis of any security vulnerabilities on all installed apps. Similar to its desktop counterparts, Bitdefender Total Security uses cutting-edge technology to run optimally on your Android devices, where complete scan procedures take mere seconds to complete and don’t result in any drain on battery life.

That isn’t all; since real-world threats are more prominent on mobile devices than on desktops, Bitdefender Total Security also focuses on means to prevent unauthorized direct access to your phone with its App Lock and Anti-Theft features. Thanks to the App Lock feature, you can now stop anyone from accessing sensitive apps -- even if they bypass the initial security unlock feature on your device -- by securing them with additional PINs. The Anti-Theft feature, on the other hand, features unprecedented levels of support when it comes to lost or stolen devices.

In the unfortunate incident that you are subjected to such a situation, you can simply sign in to your Bitdefender Central account and remotely request geo-locations and snapshots to track down your phone or any potential perpetrators.

Is It Worth Buying?

With a plethora of security features for complete protection against all your Windows, OS X, and Android devices, Bitdefender Total Security is the only security suite that you should be looking for when looking to seamlessly connect across devices without worrying about malware. Thanks to the inclusion of some of the best antivirus technologies, you gain complete protection against all forms of malware while simultaneously securing yourself against any form of privacy invasion.

Dedicated utilities for all supported platforms ensure that you get the best out of your Bitdefender Total Security antivirus suite. By using the latest anti-malware engines with completely optimized code, Bitdefender Total Security runs faster than ever before across all platforms, making it worth every penny.