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Stay Protected on Your Android Mobile Device

Android’s open source nature automatically translates to a malware creator’s dream come true, since the possibilities to exploit this immensely popular operating system are practically unlimited. If you are an avid user of Android smartphones and tablets, you may have to start thinking twice before installing any of the millions of apps available on the Google Play Store.

Of course, if you have Bitdefender Mobile Security on your mobile device, you don’t have to worry too much about malicious apps gaining control of the operating system. With the ability to detect malicious intent on both existing and newer apps, Bitdefender Mobile Security is just the thing you need to stay protected. If that isn’t enough, you gain access to numerous other features that focus on privacy, Internet security, and certain real-world threats.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

Bitdefender Mobile Security on your mobile device is simply a blast to use. A default Dashboard screen instantly focuses your attention on the state of the device, while tapping the menu icon to the left opens up the various options available for use -- Malware Scanner, Privacy Advisor, Web Security, Anti-Theft, and App Lock. With Malware Scanner, you can perform instant scans of the entire Android operating system for malicious apps or files.

On the other hand, Privacy Advisor serves as a comprehensive solution against apps that abuse permissions, and Web Security takes your security a notch upwards with complete protection while surfing online. Finally, Anti-Theft features several options for dealing with real-world threats, and App Lock focuses on securing individual apps from unauthorized access.

On-Demand and On-Install Scanning

With its Malware Scanner feature, Bitdefender Mobile Security lets you perform a complete rundown of your entire system for any malicious apps -- ideal for use after the first time that you install the antivirus app, allowing you to instantly detect any potentially unwanted apps that were bundled in with the OEM software.

Alternately, Bitdefender Mobile Security also performs an on-install scan each time that you install an app via the Google Play Store, preventing any dangerous apps from invading your mobile device in the first place. Even so, certain apps -- spyware, key loggers, etc. -- start displaying malicious intent after a certain amount of time, so Bitdefender Mobile Security’s on-demand device scanning capabilities should come particularly useful even after an initial system-wide scan.

Detecting Permissions Abuse

Android operating systems are designed in such a way that installed apps should ask permission for each and every area that they need access to -- understandably, apps require access to critical areas such as Identity, Contacts, Location, SMS, Phone, etc., to provide you with a complete user experience.

Certain apps, however, tend to abuse these permissions, and even worse, vulnerabilities can also be exploited by malware attacks. To combat this issue, Bitdefender Mobile Security features a tool called the Privacy Advisor, which performs in-depth analysis of all installed apps for any permission abuses or vulnerabilities. Detected issues are notified of immediately, complete with reports on how each and every app on your device uses the permissions awarded to them.

Staying Safe on the Internet

As with desktops, mobile devices are equally targeted with various custom sites designed to either trick users into getting their devices infected or stealing information outright. Thanks to Bitdefender Mobile Security, you can surf the Internet safely and securely without getting your smartphone or tablet infected.

A separate module called Web Protection provides comprehensive protection against the various phishing sites that are out to trick you into divulging sensitive information -- out of independent lab tests run by, Bitdefender Mobile Security managed to block nine out of ten phishing websites, tying for the top spot with Norton’s mobile security solution. The Web Protection module also protects you from clicking on any malicious website links that are presented to you by search engines.

Securing Individual Apps

While lock-screen PINs and fingerprint sensors do a terrific job at protecting your mobile device from unauthorized access, you also run into the risk of someone accessing sensitive apps in instances where the device is already unlocked. To prevent people from spying into your banking apps, contacts list, or any other personal app, Bitdefender Mobile Security features a nifty tool called App Lock, which gives you the option to protect individual apps with additional PINs.

Whenever you want to access a protected app, you must insert an app-specific PIN to gain access to it. To prevent this from becoming a hassle when you are in a private location like, for example, your home, you can specify Bitdefender Mobile Security to automatically remove the additional security by detecting the Wi-Fi network that you’re connected to.

Dealing with Lost or Stolen Devices

While it’s nice having an antivirus app that deals with all forms of malware and protects your privacy, it’s even better when that same app provides unparalleled support in the event that you lose your mobile device. With Bitdefender Mobile Security’s Anti-Theft feature, you can instantly locate your lost phone by remotely requesting geo-tags to your Bitdefender Central account.

The Anti-Theft feature can also be integrated to your Android smartwatch, which alerts you instantly if your phone is left behind. The name “Anti-Theft” wouldn’t make much sense if it was solely about lost phones, which it’s not. With the ability take forward-cam snapshots and send remote calls in instances of SIM replacement, Bitdefender Mobile Security gives you a chance to track down a perpetrator if your phone gets stolen.

Is It Worth Buying?

As an Android user, you should definitely have protection on your device, and there’s nothing better than Bitdefender Mobile Security for that purpose. With the ability to instantly detect malicious apps via both on-demand and on-install scan modes, you are assured that your mobile device won’t ever fall victim to the various forms of malware that run rampant on Android devices.

Bitdefender Mobile Security also provides comprehensive security against apps that abuse permissions, and even extends protection when you surf online, preventing any phishing sites from infecting your device or stealing information. If you are in the market for a top-of-the-line Android protection suite that secures you against both online and real-world threats, then Bitdefender Mobile Security should fit you perfectly.