Internet Security 2018


Provides unprecedented protection against threats online



Comprehensive Solution to All Online Threats

Staying safe both while working online and offline should be anyone’s priority, and Bitdefender Internet Security lets you do just that. With the best malware detection rates in the entire antivirus industry for the past five years, Bitdefender Internet Security isn’t just your ordinary protection suite.

Unprecedented protection against the latest forms of malware, complete data protection including security against ransomware, and an advanced firewall that acts as an additional layer of security on the Internet are just a few of the many benefits that you get when opting for this unique Internet security solution. Thanks to proprietary technologies such as Autopilot, Photon, and Cloud Integration, you’d be hard pressed to find a better alternative to stay protected in the digital realm.

Intuitive User Interface

Bitdefender Internet Security’s user interface is a blast to use, simply due to the layout and placement of the options available for use. When you open up the security suite from the taskbar, you see the status of your entire computer immediately -- protected, unprotected, or under threat.

File scanning options are prominently displayed for faster access -- Quick Scan, Vulnerability Scan, etc. -- as does the various protection modules bundled into the application -- App Protection, File Protection, Web Protection, etc. A side panel to the left lets you access various panels such as the Optimization screen -- featuring options such as OneClick Optimizer and Startup Optimizer -- and the privacy screen -- where you get access to critical privacy modules such as File Vault, Password Manager, Safepay, and Parental Advisor.

Staying Protected

The various forms of malware floating around the cyberspace exploit vulnerabilities in the operating system and other applications either via malicious code or executables. Bitdefender Internet Security actively prevents any form of security breaches in real-time with the use of multiple live shields that focus on each type of threat caused by malware.

By using a huge database of the latest antivirus definitions, complete with cloud-based referencing of newer forms of malware, you are comprehensively protected against trojans, spyware, and rootkits at all times. Behavioral analysis shields further protect you from completely unknown zero-day threats, while dangerous ransomware attacks can be mitigated by specifically placing sensitive data under special protection.

With Bitdefender Internet Security, manual scanning also takes precedence, with up to three methods of disk scanning available for use. Quick Scan performs a quick disk scan procedure of the various areas on your computer that are extremely vulnerable to malware, while Full Scan takes things a notch up with complete scanning of the entire disk -- including data archives. A Custom Scan mode is also present when you want to scan files individually.

An additional mode dubbed “Vulnerability Scan” performs additional scanning of the entire operating system and installed applications, detecting any vulnerabilities or security loopholes that malicious code can exploit. It then offers you suggestions as to fix the detected issues, which usually involve getting the latest updates for vulnerable applications.

Protecting Privacy

While connected to the Internet, Bitdefender Internet Security provides unprecedented support when it comes to protecting sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. With its firewall feature, Bitdefender Internet Security intelligently analyzes and determines the appropriate permissions for each installed application -- in addition, it also monitors all data channels for malicious signatures while preventing certain applications from transmitting sensitive information without your permission.

In addition to the firewall, a separate module dubbed “Web Protection” secures all your Web browsers, actively blocking malicious phishing websites, monitoring search engines results, and performing a variety of other tasks to ensure that you surf the Internet without being tricked into handing out valuable data.

When it comes to shopping online, certain spyware apps can hijack your financial data via various methods such as keyloggers. Thanks to Bitdefender Internet Security, however, you can use the integrated Safepay Web browser, which uses additional encryption even on secure websites while also masking your keystrokes, for a completely safe shopping experience.

Since certain Web browsers are quite vulnerable when saving personal information such as bank account information, email passwords, and credit card details, Bitdefender Internet Security also features its own dedicated Password Manager that lets you securely store your sensitive details without worrying about anyone stealing them -- the Password Manager can also recommend secure passwords for use on any Web portal.

Optimization Tools

Bitdefender Internet Security, while protecting your computer from malware and information theft, also features multiple optimization tools to boost the speed of your computer. Thanks to features such as OneClick Optimizer, Startup Optimizer, and Disk Cleanup, you can have your entire computer running optimally in practically no time. With OneClick Optimizer, you can temporarily boost the speed of your computer by shaving off unwanted processes from clogging up your system, allowing resource-intensive applications to function much faster.

Startup Optimizer, on the other hand, provides a much needed boost in speed at computer startup by analyzing and disabling non-critical background applications, while Disk Cleanup cleans up junk files for a faster hard drive.

Is It Worth Buying?

With comprehensive protection against both online and offline threats, Bitdefender Internet Security is the best tool that you’d ever need when looking to stay protected against the various forms of malware that threatens computers today. By featuring some of the best anti-malware technologies in the industry, Bitdefender Internet Security lets you secure your entire computer even from unknown zero-day threats and dangerous ransomware attacks.

With a dedicated firewall to protect your entire computer while connected online, complete with various modules to prevent information theft during Web browsing, Bitdefender Internet Security is an antivirus utility unlike any other. Bring to the table a host of computer optimization tools, and you receive incredible value for your money.