Family Pack 2018


Protect your entire family with a single subscription



Antivirus Solution for Your Entire Family

In a nutshell, Bitdefender Family Pack is quite possibly the most encompassing antivirus solution ever released. Not only does this security suite protect Windows, Mac, and Android-based desktops and devices, but it also lets you do that for every device in your household. By featuring separate apps for each and every platform that it supports, Bitdefender Family Pack features dedicated protection on whatever device that you, or any members in your family, own.

Whether it’s shopping or banking online without worrying about information theft, securing critical files against dangerous forms of ransomware, or protecting your entire family via advanced parental controls, Bitdefender Family Pack lets you easily accomplish those and a whole lot more.

Centralized Device Management

Bitdefender Family Pack uses the Bitdefender Central Web portal as a centralized management console for all your devices. Due to the system incompatibilities on each supported platform, Bitdefender Family Pack features dedicated antivirus products that are installable via the Bitdefender Central console.

Sign in with your user credentials that were created at purchase and you have the option to download and install the Bitdefender Family Pack directly onto your current device of choice -- you can also remotely perform installations on any other device in your household. Devices that are secured with Bitdefender Family Pack are conveniently listed on the Bitdefender Central management console, allowing you to easily manage the licenses for each device.

Protecting Windows

With access to an unlimited number of licenses, you can choose to install Bitdefender Family Pack on any Windows-based desktop in your household. Upon installation, you are instantly secured due to the deployment of various live shields that focus on providing comprehensive protection against any known form of malware. In addition, Bitdefender Family Pack’s use of behavioral analysis ensures that your computer won’t fall victim to unknown zero-day threats.

Protection against ransomware is assured by marking sensitive files or folders for additional protection. Bitdefender Family Pack also features an all new rescue mode that provides unprecedented security against sophisticated rootkits, allowing you to boot your computer in a secure environment to remove them.

Bitdefender Family Pack actively ensures that your privacy’s protected at all times, thanks to features such as a dedicated firewall, a Web Protection module, and social network protection. These options combined prevents anyone from stealing information, planting malware, or tricking you into divulging critical data during your stay in the cyberspace.

All protective modules in Bitdefender Family Pack runs without causing any system slowdowns or other issues thanks to Bitdefender’s proprietary Photon engine, which uses minimal system resources while allowing resource-intensive applications from running unhindered. The antivirus suite also provides access to the Bitdefender Autopilot module, allowing you to receive complete protection against malware without any bothersome notifications whatsoever.

Protecting OS X

Bitdefender Family Pack also features a dedicated antivirus client on the OS X platform, allowing you to stay protected against any form of malware designed specifically for Mac-related vulnerabilities. Just like on Windows, Bitdefender Family Pack uses both live shields and manual scan modes to help you stay protected while working on your Mac, complete with Bitdefender Autopilot technology to fully automate all procedures.

Further, the antivirus utility also features the ability to detect Windows-related malware, and since the majority of your friends or co-workers use Windows-based devices, you can hand any downloaded files on your Mac without worrying about infecting others. Bitdefender Family Pack also lets you detect and remove adware -- hijackers, toolbars, add-ons, etc.

When it comes to surfing the Internet, Bitdefender Family Pack doubles down the protection on your Mac with a dedicated extension dubbed “TrafficLight” for all major Web browsers -- Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Unlike the native pop-up and content blockers in each Web browser, the TrafficLight extension instead actively blocks all sort of annoying pop-up advertisements, complete with protection against known malicious websites.

Results generated from search engines are also scanned, and a safety sign next to each result lets you visit a website without worrying about infecting your Mac with malware. Even when making payments online, the TrafficLight extension ensures that no spyware apps monitor your payment details by deploying various keystroke masking algorithms.

Protecting Android

When it comes to protecting the many mobile devices scattered around your household, Bitdefender Family Pack’s dedicated antivirus client for Android should come in particularly useful. With access to both on-demand and on-install scan modes, dangerous apps stand no chance of infecting your Android smartphone or tablet with malicious code.

Even when it comes to certain “legitimate” apps, Bitdefender Family Pack features a Privacy Advisor module that actively scans each installed applications for potential vulnerabilities with regards to allowed permissions. Security breaches are instantly notified, complete with an overall security score that relates to the overall safety of your entire mobile device, where you can take certain action to improve the score by either restricting permissions or deleting apps.

Is It Worth Buying?

If you have multiple devices in your household, there’s nothing better than Bitdefender Family Pack for complete protection. Since there’s no point in having protection on a single device -- or platform -- while leaving the others unprotected, especially if you work on multiple devices with cross-platform apps, Bitdefender Family Pack should let you stop wasting money on antivirus utilities for multiple platforms.

With dedicated antivirus clients for each specific platform that you want to secure, complete with an unlimited number of licenses that let you protect all devices in your household, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else. Bitdefender Family Pack also gives you access to some of the best antimalware technologies today, making it an amazing product well worth every penny that you spend.