Bitdefender Total Security 2018



  • Offers complete protection for multiple devices
  • Supports Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS devices
  • Five licenses for one subscription -- upgradeable up to ten licences
  • Secure all your devices with some of the latest anti-malware technologies
  • Anti-Theft features secure your mobile devices from real-world threats



Complete Security for All Your Devices

Simply put, Bitdefender Total Security is anyone’s dream come true. With the ability to protect both Windows and OS X desktops, complete with extended support for the Android mobile operating system, you’d be hard pressed to find a better solution from any other antivirus vendor. Since Bitdefender Total Security integrates all of the functions present in the standalone versions of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Antivirus for Mac, and Mobile Security, you are fully protected across all of your devices.

Ironclad protection with astounding detection rates, blazing fast speeds thanks to the proprietary Photon engine, an Autopilot mode for hands-free protection, and around-the-clock premium customer support are just a few of the many features you get when opting for Bitdefender Total Security.

How It Works

Due to the varying incompatibilities of each supported operating system -- Windows, OS X, and Android -- Bitdefender Total Security relies on the Bitdefender Center Web portal more than ever before. After signing into the Bitdefender Center with your user credentials, you can simply choose to install a device-compatible version of Bitdefender Total Security on whatever device that you want to install it on.

If you sign in on the same device that you want to install Bitdefender Total Security on, installation is pretty much straightforward, where you can simply click the “Install Bitdefender”” button to initiate the procedure. To install it on another device, you must select the platform that you want to protect, and you are sent an email with a download link for a platform-specific version of Bitdefender.

Bitdefender for Windows

On Windows, Bitdefender Total Security bundles in all the features of both Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Internet Security into one neat package. The user interface is simply a blast to use, with clean and crisp looking buttons providing access to the various scan modes and other protection modules in the package.

Upon installation, Bitdefender Total Security instantly starts securing your computer by live background checks, behavioral analysis, and heuristics to prevent malicious attacks -- both new and existing forms of malware. In addition, you can also scan your computer manually for any dangerous items that may have slipped through, while a separate mode dubbed “Vulnerability Scan” allows you to check for security loopholes on both the operating system and outdated applications.

Moving onto the Internet-side of things, and you have the default Windows firewall replaced with Bitdefender’s own proprietary firewall technology, which takes care of the network permissions on every known program installed on your computer. You are also protected while surfing online, with Bitdefender Total Security’s Web Protection module actively notifying you of harmful links to malicious websites, while another feature called Safepay lets you work with financial information without worrying about anyone stealing them.

Further, Bitdefender Total Security also doubles up as a parental control utility, with the Parental Advisor module giving you complete control over your child’s activities both on and off the Internet -- content filtering, social media reporting, geofencing, etc.

Bitdefender for Mac

Bitdefender Total Security is identical to the standalone version of Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac. While it’s not as sophisticated as the Window version, you still have more than enough tools to get the job done. Both zero-day and existing threats are effectively rendered useless thanks to the presence of various live shields, and multiple manual scan modes also help ensure a secure system at all times.

Bitdefender Total Security also includes the extremely versatile Autopilot technology, which helps ensure that you work unhindered while everything’s taken care of in the background -- when turned on, you receive no notifications whatsoever, where Bitdefender Autopilot deals with all detected threats without notifying you.

Just like the Windows version, Web-based attacks are effectively mitigated with integrated browser extensions, effectively blocking you from visiting malicious websites while also securing you against personal information theft. Bitdefender Total Security supports all major Web browsers, which include Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, with the required extensions added automatically upon installation.

Due to the rise of ransomware -- malicious code that encrypts files and asks you for a ransom in exchange for the decryption key -- staying safe online is of particular importance, especially when you are on the Mac OS X. Time Machine backups are a vulnerable target for all sorts of ransomware, but thanks to Bitdefender Total Security, unauthorized executables stand no chance of even getting near your backup files.

Bitdefender for Android

Largely similar to Bitdefender Mobile Security, Bitdefender Total Security for the Android operating system secures your smartphone or tablets against everyday threats, starting from malicious downloadable apps to direct malware attacks online. That isn’t all; it also has the ability to detect loopholes that installed apps could exploit with  dedicated Privacy Advisor module, where you can choose to receive detailed reports on how each and every app uses the permissions that were awarded to them upon installation -- you may be in for some surprises.

In addition, another nifty feature called Web Security instantly blocks any websites that carry dangerous content, automatically querying the Bitdefender Cloud Services for additional information.

With Bitdefender Total Security, two features stand out from the rest -- App Lock and Anti-Theft, both of which should prove very useful when on-the-go with your mobile device. App Lock lets you instantly secure any apps that you absolutely don’t want others from having access to -- Photos, Camera, Contacts, etc. Securing an app is as simple as adding a PIN number, which is separate from the lock-screen PIN. Anti-Theft, on the other hand, serves as an awesome solution against real-world threats.

If you lose your phone, for example, just sign into Bitdefender Central and remotely receive a geotag to find your phone with. In the unfortunate event that someone steals your device, you should start receiving snapshots from the forward cam whenever someone tries accessing it, allowing you to catch the perpetrator in the act.

Should I Buy Bitdefender Total Security 2018?

If you want simultaneous protection for your Windows desktop, MacBook, or Android smartphone, then definitely. With tailored antivirus solutions for each supported platform, you can stay safe from malicious applications, zero-day attacks, and dangerous websites.

Thanks to Bitdefender Photon technology, you get blazing fast scan speeds with minimal system-resource consumption, allowing you to run Bitdefender Total Security on all your devices with no issues. Astounding detection rates for five years in a row (according to independent lab tests) should be proof enough about the versatility that Bitdefender Total Security brings to the table.

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