Bitdefender Mobile Security



  • An antivirus app tailored for Android smartphones and tablets
  • Detects malicious apps and other dangerous files on both internal storage and connected micro-SD cards
  • Scans apps for malicious intent right at the Google Play Store
  • Built-in Privacy Advisor monitors apps for privacy violations
  • Anti-Theft feature offers a range of retrieval options should you lose your device



For Instances Where You Want to Stay Safe On-the-Go

With the oversaturated mobile device market and extreme popularity of the Android operating system, malware creators are having a field day by putting out all sorts of dangerous apps. Even when you are surfing online, custom-designed websites designed solely to phish users can put sensitive information at risk, as does “legitimate” apps with various privacy loopholes.

Thanks to Bitdefender Mobile Security, you can now stop worrying about your Android smartphone or tablet falling victim to malware. By deploying the same technology that made the Bitdefender brand so popular on desktops, Bitdefender Mobile Security features astounding detection rates, enhanced privacy controls, extended Web protection, and a whole lot more. Real-world threats are also mitigated effectively due to features such as Bitdefender Anti-Theft.

Clean-Cut User Interface

The Bitdefender Mobile Security user interface may quite possibly be the best in any mobile antivirus app to date. An intuitive menu bar displays everything that Bitdefender Mobile Security has on offer -- Dashboard, Malware Scanner, Privacy Advisor, Web Security, Anti-Theft, and App Lock.

By default, you are taken to the Dashboard, where you can instantly see any important notifications regarding the state of your device. Malware Scanner, on the other hand, lets you run a complete scan for any malicious apps or infected files. The Privacy Advisor module lets you check all installed apps for privacy loopholes, and Web Security takes privacy protection a notch up with comprehensive security while surfing online. Anti-Theft and App Lock lets you respond accordingly against real-world threats such as lost or stolen mobile devices.

Malware Scanner

While Bitdefender Mobile Security performs constant background checks and notifies you of any malicious apps that may attempt to take over your device, it also provides means to scan your mobile device manually. Unlike other mobile antivirus apps, Bitdefender Mobile Security features a single mode, which only lets you determine whether to scan any micro-SD cards in addition to the internal storage on your device.

If you are concerned about long scan times, you don’t have to be, since Bitdefender Mobile Security uses cutting edge technology to reduce scan procedures to mere seconds -- in most instances, you’ll mostly be done in under ten seconds, period. Fast scan times also translates to low energy consumption, so you don’t have to worry about high battery usage either.

Privacy Advisor

If you download apps frequently via the Google Play Store, you’d notice the various permissions that certain apps ask you to allow -- Android Nougat takes thing further with manual approval for every permission that an app asks. Even so, certain apps aren’t secure enough to protect your personal information, and some even abuses the fact that they have access to certain permissions.

With Bitdefender Mobile Security, you can instantly check each and every app installed on your mobile device for any privacy risks or violations, with an overall “privacy” score displayed that lets you, at a glance, check out how secure your device is. Additional details about these privacy issues can be checked out for each and every map, where you can also choose to remove dangerous apps right from the Privacy Advisor screen itself.

Web Security

While the Internet’s rife with all forms of dangerous malware, that isn’t all that you have to worry about. Certain websites are tailor made to look and function similar to legitimate sites, prompting unwary users to part with sensitive information such as credit card details and bank account information.

Bitdefender Mobile Security features a separate module that actively monitors your browsing activity on all major mobile Web browser platforms -- Chrome, Firefox, etc. -- that warns you of any attempts to phish information. When using search engines such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo, Bitdefender Mobile Security uses its Web Security module to notify you of any legitimate sites in your search results, allowing you to avoid dangerous websites right from the get-go.

App Lock

Certain apps, notably banking apps, include sensitive information that you don’t want anyone to see. Further, Web browsers tend to save passwords, putting your personal details at severe risk in case someone gets their hands on your phone. To combat this issues, Bitdefender Mobile Security features a nifty tool called App Lock that lets you double the security on your smartphone or tablet.

By adding a secure PIN code to any app that you want, you can stop people from accessing them in instances where your device is already unlocked. App Lock uses an additional feature called Smart Unlock that automatically removes the PIN when you are connected to trusted Wi-Fi networks such as, for example, your home network, making it a perfect fit to secure apps when on the go.


As with virtual threats, Bitdefender Mobile Security also provides unprecedented protection when it comes to securing your mobile device from real-world threats. With its Anti-Theft module, you have various ways to track down your smartphone or tablet in case you lose it. With its geo-tracking features, you can simply sign into your Bitdefender account and check the location of your device in real-time -- the application also integrates onto any Android smartwatch, which alerts you if your phone’s left behind.

In the event that your device gets stolen, Bitdefender Mobile Security sends you screenshots of the perpetrator to your Bitdefender account, and if someone attempts to switch the SIM card, Bitdefender Mobile Security calls you automatically to any secure number that you’ve added before. If all else fails, you can choose to remotely wipe all data, rendering the device useless to anyone who stole it.

Should I Buy Bitdefender Mobile Security?

With astounding detection rates and outstanding recommendations from independent research labs such as the AV-Test Institute and AV-Comparatives, you can’t go wrong by opting for Bitdefender Mobile Security. By featuring some of the best anti-malware practices in business, Bitdefender Mobile Security actively secures your device against all forms of malware, while the privacy tools present is already enough to warrant your money.

With multiple tools that secure you from virtual and real-world threats alike, and with a price tag that’s easily affordable, having Bitdefender Mobile Security on your mobile device is worth every penny that you spend.

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