Bitdefender Internet Security 2018



  • Comprehensive protection against all forms of malware
  • Advanced artificial intelligences for unmatched detection rates
  • Focuses on online security with top-of-the-line firewall
  • Security when surfing online with advanced browser integration
  • Stay safe on Wi-Fi connections with the all new Wi-Fi Advisor
  • Military-grade encryption ensures financial information safety while online



Unprecedented Security, and Even More so Online

In individual tests run by two of the leading antivirus labs -- AV-Test Institute and AV-Comparatives -- Bitdefender Internet Security has consistently ranked at the top for five consecutive years when it comes to malware detection -- and that’s just the beginning. With multiple detection tools that take care of everything from malicious spyware apps, ransomware attacks, to unknown zero-day threats, you’d be hard pressed to find an even better Internet security suite.

When surfing online, Bitdefender Internet Security’s firewall should work wonders in preventing hackers and snoopers from phishing or intercepting information, while the proprietary Bitdefender Photon engine should power through effortlessly regardless of the computer that you plan to run it on.

Super-Intuitive User Interface

Bitdefender Internet Security’s super-intuitive user interface puts everything in the tips of your fingers. The default home screen consists of the multiple scan modes that you have at your disposal, complete with access to the Bitdefender Autopilot and Safepay features. A separate Modules screen gives you access to the various other tools bundled into the application, which includes, but isn’t limited, to features such as Web Protection, Ransomware Protection, Password Manager, File Encryption, etc.

Staying Protected with Live Shields

Bitdefender Internet Security continuously protects your entire computer by actively running in the background at all times. It’s uses various technologies to prevent malicious executables, infected files, and other types of threats from taking hold of your computer, cross-checking all detected items with a database of antivirus definitions for astoundingly fast results. Behavioral analysis further protects you from any zero-day day threats, with any unusual activities being instantly flagged for further monitoring.

Multiple Methods to Scan for Malware

Bitdefender Internet Security features two separate modes to scan for malware -- Quick Scan and System Scan. Quick Scan, obviously, allows you to scan for any malicious items in system-critical areas of the operating system, while System Scan allows for a more complete scan procedure that checks the entire hard drive for malware. An additional third mode called Vulnerability Scan lets you identify security loopholes in installed applications and the operating system so that you can take appropriate action.

Protecting Your Connection with Bitdefender Firewall

In addition to the live shields and manual scan modes, you are also protected when connected online. With a dedicated firewall that scans every data transmission from all applications installed on your computer, you can be assured that nothing out-of-the ordinary gets transmitted into or out of your computer. The firewall also lets you include or exclude installed applications from being monitored, while also letting you have full control on both incoming and outgoing connections of every application.

Bitdefender Autopilot for Automatic Protection

When Bitdefender Internet Security detects anything out of the ordinary, you are instantly notified so that you can determine what to do about the threat. If you don’t want to deal with these pop-ups, or if you simply want to stay unbothered for some time, you can instantly switch Bitdefender Internet Security to auto-pilot mode. Just like an airplane, Bitdefender Autopilot technology uses advanced artificial intelligence protocols to determine the appropriate action that it should take for all detected threats.

Protecting Financial Information with Safepay

If securing your connection isn’t enough, Bitdefender Internet Security provides even more protection when it comes to securing your financial details online. If you are worried about anyone hijacking your connection while transmitting financial details online -- bank account details, credit card numbers, e-wallet login information, etc. -- you can simply use Bitdefender Internet Security’s Safepay feature -- a sandboxed Web browser in its own right -- to securely sign in, make payments, check out at stores, etc.

Optimizing Your PC with Bitdefender Tune-Up

Bitdefender Internet Security also presents various tools to help you optimize your computer -- with options like the OneClick Optimizer and Startup Optimizer, you can increase the speed of your PC with minimal effort. OneClick Optimizer stops all non-critical processes temporarily, providing a much need boost when launching resource-intensive applications. On the other hand, Startup Optimizer analyzes unwanted startup applications, allowing you to disable them to increase startup speeds.

Encrypting Files for Added Security

When it comes to protecting sensitive files and documents from unauthorized access, Bitdefender Internet Security presents a nifty tool called File Encryption -- no pun intended -- that helps you apply strong encryption to any item of your choosing. Thanks to strong AES 256-bit encryption ciphers doubly secured by passwords, only you can access secured files, making it the best form of defense when, for example, sharing a computer with multiple users.

Doubles up as a Parental Advisor

If all of the aforementioned features aren’t enough, Bitdefender Internet Security also doubles up as a parental advisor that analyses the browsing habits of your children and notifies you of any unsafe activities that they may perform -- visiting malicious or phishing websites, etc. Once activated, the Parental Advisor also supervises your children on how to stay safe while surfing online, which you can manually configure on what type of content that your kids should have access to.

Should I Buy Bitdefender Internet Security 2018?

Bitdefender Internet Security encompasses everything that you could ever want in an anti-malware application, be it outstanding detection rates, protection against zero-day threats, unparalleled firewall features, automatic antimalware management options, financial data protection, etc. -- well, the list can go on and on.

With a blazing fast antimalware engine that works on nearly computer by using minimal system resources, it’s amazing how strong Bitdefender Internet Security really is with such a small memory footprint. Complete with a super-intuitive user interface, Bitdefender Internet Security brings to the table comprehensive protection whether you are online or offline, and should be your first choice whenever you are looking for an Internet security suite.

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