Bitdefender Family Pack 2018



  • Supports multiple platforms, including Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS
  • No license limit -- install Bitdefender Family Pack on as many devices as you like
  • Protects protection to your entire family
  • Comprehensive security against both online and offline threats
  • Mobile versions offer protection against malicious apps and other app-based threats



Protect Yourself and Your Entire Family

Bitdefender Total Security is an awesome package well worth your money, but Bitdefender Family Pack takes things even further. This awesome security suite bundles in every protective features ever devised by Bitdefender, but that isn’t all; it in fact gives you the ability to protect each and every device in your household.

Whether it’s a Windows or Mac desktop, or an Android mobile device, buying separate antivirus licenses are rendered meaningless since you can pretty much secure all devices with a single purchase of Bitdefender Family Pack. If you are concerned about pricing, you don’t have to be; Bitdefender Family Pack’s only a minor price hike from Bitdefender Total Security, and that’s speaking a lot for this extremely versatile product by Bitdefender.

How It Works

Bitdefender Family Pack supports all Windows, OS X, and Android devices, and you can install it on all household devices -- understandably, a fair user policy applies. The security suite features tailored antivirus installations on each platform, mimicking the already excellent features available in standalone versions of Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, and Bitdefender Mobile Security.

The Bitdefender Central account management portal plays a large role in Bitdefender Family Pack, which is where you should go when it comes to installing the product on your devices. You can either sign in to Bitdefender Central right from the device that you want to install the security suite on, or you can remotely send a download link to another device -- all protected devices are also displayed in the portal.

Protecting Windows

By combining both the features present in Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Family Pack provides complete protection for every aspect of the Windows operating system. Whether it’s rootkits, bootkits, spyware, key loggers, or ransomware, Bitdefender’s advanced artificial intelligences and top-of-the-line malware detection capabilities should take care of those issues in no time.

With behavioral analysis, advanced heuristics, and a cloud database continuously updated by 500 million Bitdefender users, you are provided absolute protection against the latest forms of malware. Rather than dealing with detected threats manually, Bitdefender Family Pack also gives you access to Autopilot technology, which automatically takes care of your computer without disturbing you.

When using Bitdefender Family Pack on Windows, you are also protected against all sorts of privacy invasions online, be it from malicious websites, hidden key loggers, or even from local public Wi-Fi hotspots. With its Search Advisor module, you can use search engines safely, since you are instantly notified of links to known malicious sites, while features such as Safepay ensures the safety of sensitive information -- credit card details, email account passwords, identity records, etc.

A separate module dubbed Wi-Fi Security Advisor provides comprehensive security against any issues present in Wi-Fi hotspots that you connect to. Last, but not least, the Bitdefender firewall should work wonders for the security of your entire system, with advanced algorithms monitoring all unusual Web activity.

Defending a Mac

Functioning largely similar to the excellent Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, Bitdefender Family Pack when installed on Windows provide protection against all malicious items created solely for OS X exploitation. What’s more, it also has the ability to detect threats created for Windows operating systems, allowing you to share any downloaded content with other users and not worry about the security of those files.

Ransomware is another type of threat that you should look out for, since the OS X is specifically vulnerable due to Time Machine backups -- ransomware can potentially target both backups and source files. With Bitdefender Family Pack, however, you no longer have to worry since all your Time Machine backups are kept isolated even in the case of a security breach.

Powered by the proprietary Bitdefender Photon engine, you can perform full scan procedures of the entire system with negligible effect to performance while simultaneously working on resource-intensive applications -- Bitdefender Family Pack uses minimal system resources to function effectively on your iMac, MacBook, or Mac Pro, and as advertised, it truly is a “race car that’s also an impenetrable armored vehicle.”

Even more so, Bitdefender Family Pack Battery Mode should prove useful when on the move with your MacBook. By intelligently tweaking resource-intensive settings such as Bluetooth connectivity and system updates, you can extend the battery life during system scans, preventing you from hunting for a wall socket whenever you are under a malware attack.

On the Mobile

Bitdefender Family Pack, when installed on an Android smartphone or tablet, functions largely similar to Bitdefender Mobile Security. With its on-demand and on-install scan features, your mobile device is doubly protected at all times -- the first time that you install Bitdefender Family Pack, you can perform an on-demand scan to verify that your apps are in order, and whenever you install a new app from the Google Play Store, Bitdefender Family Pack performs another scan to ensure that you aren’t installing anything malicious.

Another nifty feature called Privacy Advisor actively ensures that installed apps don’t go behind your back and abuse any sensitive permissions that you may have allowed -- you can view detailed reports on how apps use your permissions, along with recommendations to keep or delete particular apps.

When you use your smartphone, Bitdefender Family Pack also ensures that your privacy remains protected from both online and real-world threats. With its Web Security feature, Bitdefender Family Pack blocks malicious Web pages from ever reaching your device -- by actively scanning it in the cloud. Phishing attempts are also notified of immediately, allowing you to stay safe online while divulging critical information.

Real world threats are also effectively mitigated thanks to the App Lock and Anti-Theft capabilities. App Lock gives you much needed functionality to secure sensitive apps with an additional layer of protection -- a PIN number -- preventing others from gaining access to them. Anti-Theft, on the other hand, features various ways to recover a lost phone -- geo-locations, snapshots, automatic calling, etc.

Should I Buy Bitdefender Family Pack 2018?

As a top-of-the-line malware solution, grabbing Bitdefender Family Pack is an absolute no-brainer. With the ability to install it on any Windows, Mac OS X, or Android device in your household, you are protected whatever you do on any of your devices.

Regardless of the significantly small price tag that it brings to the table, Bitdefender Family Pack also doesn’t stop itself from handing out the best tools in business -- with features such as Bitdefender Autopilot, Wi-Fi Security Advisor, Web Security, Bitdefender Photon, Battery Mode, Time Machine Protection, Anti-Phishing, etc., you simply cannot go wrong with this awesome security suite.

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